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Agentic Insurance, LLC was concieved from the idea that the insurance industry needs to gain a better perspective of the wholesale broker. Especially, the value that can be added to the sales process. The approach we are looking to perpetuate is derived from the word "agentic" itself. The definition below really encapsulates this mode of thinking:

 "The capacity to exercise control over the nature and quality of one's life is the essence of humanness. Human agency is characterized by a number of core features that operate through phenomenal and functional consciousness. These include the temporal extension of agency through intentionality and forethought, self-regulation by self-reactive influence, and self-reflectiveness about one's capabilities, quality of functioning, and the meaning and purpose of one's life pursuits. Personal agency operates within a broad network of sociostructural influences. In these agentic transactions, people are producers as well as products of social systems. Social cognitive theory distinguishes among three modes of agency: direct personal agency, proxy agency that relies on others to act on one's behest to secure desired outcomes, and collective agency exercised through socially coordinative and interdependent effort."

Annu. Rev. Psychol. 2001.52:1-2

Our team takes great pride in using this theory in helping our clients achieve the end goal, success. This is achieved by creating open avenues of communication between ouselves and the brokers in tandum with our carrier partners. By identifying the goals in the beginning of the submission process we are able to correctly market risks, create comprehensive proposals, outline coverage advantages and deliver these to our partners in a cohesive manner for presentation.

IMA016.jpgThe ability for our team to handle risks in this manner provides a greater rate of success and satisfaction in a number of ways. The insured's contentment is achieved by knowing that their needs are being looked after from the onset and they are being analyized and disected by more than just one party. The agent/broker's expectation is maintained through constant communications and deliverables. Knowing the importance of each parties end goals helps to create a true symbiotic relationship which fosters long term growth and trust.

We look forward to serving your agency by truly understanding your goals, needs and desired successes in this ever-changing and challenging professional insurance landscape.

Be assured that you are dealing with, "The Best of the Best!"


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