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As a Professional Liability specilist, Agentic wants to take this moment to point out that professional liability may come in different forms and names depending on the area of services being provided. For instance, malpractice insurance which typically is associated with doctors and lawyers is a commonly used term. Then you will hear, "E&O", which refers to errors and omissions which is the most often used phrase. Normally, professional can be tied to areas of practice such as architects and engineers, accountants, insurance agents and brokers and consultants to name a few.

The main reason for professional insurance is to protect individuals and entities from a lawsuit which could stem from a negligence claim made by a client and damages from such an action. The intention of these policies is to cover both the legal costs and possible damages. The focus of these type of contracts rests on the alleged failure to perform on the part of, financial loss caused by and the error and omission of the service or product being rendered.

There are certain situations where becuase of the insured's professional services they may need special coverage to be extended due to a contractual requirement. Because of these special needs, we have developed partnerships with carrier that are focused on professional liability specifically and understand the complex and intrinsic nature of these risks.

Our goal is to find solutions to whichever type of professional risk you may come across and the unique nature of their operations.

Sample Classes:

Actuary - health 
Actuary - life
Actuary - P&C
Actuary - pension
Advertising services - including media liability
Alarm monitoring (direct, with no installation / product sales)
Answering service
Appraisers - art antiques collectibles
Appraisers - real property
Associations - all types, trade, and non-profit
Background checks / credentialing
Billing services - medicare / caid, insurance
Billing services - non-medical
Breeders - animal
Business appraiser 
Business broker
Business manager
Calibration - scientific testing equipment
Call center - inbound or outbound
Campaign media liability
Claims adjuster - liability 
Claims adjuster - property
Claims administration 
Code compliance inspection
Collection agencies
Construction inspection
Construction research
Consulting - agricultural
Consulting - communication
Consulting - construction
Consulting - energy - other than purchase negotiation or hedging
Consulting - engineer
Consulting - environmental - involving hazardous waste
Consulting - environmental - not involving hazardous waste
Consulting - financial - other than investment advisor or planners
Consulting - forestry 
Consulting - geological
Consulting - health / social issues or advocacy
Consulting - hospital - other than mgmt
Consulting - human resource
Consulting - industrial engineering 
Consulting - insurance
Consulting - legal
Consulting - management
Consulting - manufacturing 
Consulting - marketing
Consulting - medical practice mgmt
Consulting - oil & gas
Consulting - property
Consulting - safety
Consulting - scientific
Consulting - security 
Consulting - tax
Consulting - transportation
Constract research - medical or scientific basic research
Court appointed guardian
Court clerk
Court reporter
Crane inspection
Credit bureau / credit counseling 
Customs brokers
Document preparation services
Document storage / destruction
Drafting - construction or planning but no design responsibility
Elevator inspection
Employee leasing service
Employee placement service - executive recruiting
Employee placement service - permanent
Employee placement service - temporary
Energy auditor
Energy monitoring
Event planner
Expert witness
Fire alarm system inspection
Franchisors professional
Freight forwarder
Home inspection - exterior only
Home inspection services
Insurance inspections
Insurance premium auditors
Interior decorator
Investigation - unarmed only
Leasing agents
Manufacturing engineering / design 
Marine surveyor
Medical statistical analysis
Mortgage broker
Notary public
Patent agent - non-attorney 
Payroll processing
Personal coaching / lifestyle coaching
Pipeline inspection - above ground
Pipeline inspection - below ground
Premium finance
Process servers
Professional employer organization (PEO)
Promoter - special events
Property management
Public relations firms
Publishing - including media liability
Railroad inspection
Real estate agents & brokers 
Right of way agents
Risk managers
Safety engineer
Safety inspection
Scientific R&D
Social security administration representative
Structure settlement firm
Study abroad coordination
Tax preparation
Testing laboratories
Title agent / escrow / closing services
Tour brokers
TPA or benefit plan administrator
Training - business skills
Training - computer skills
Training - office skills
Training, safety - in classroom only
Training, security - in classroom only
Transcription - medical or non-medical
Travel agents
Trustees professional - dissolution of an estate or bankruptcy trustees
Turnaround managers
Utility locators
Utility one call service - without locating
Utilization review



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